Sunday 4 August 2013

Jupiter in Cancer - Nest Eggs & Freedom from Family Patterns

Actress Lorraine Bracco has Jupiter in Cancer
As psychiatrist Dr Jennifer Melfi her client is 'Father of the Soprano Family & Mafia'
who endures continual unravellings and 'family crisis'.
For one year only Jupiter, the Joy Bringer of the universe, comes to stay and wants to scatter his goodies around in the water sign of Cancer the Crab. From the 26th June 2013 until the 16th July 2014 Jupiter, the planet of abundance and prosperity will want to boost any Cancer energy it can find. Yes, Jupiter is in Cancer, the Cardinal Water sign where it is comfortable and secure in its exaltation.  Like Santa Claus and his family on holiday, showing their compassion and sharing out their good fortune and abundance.
'The Wizard of Omaha' American Business Magnate Warren Buffett has Jupiter in Cancer
One of the world's wealthiest people, estimated worth US$62 billion in 2008 he is also a philanthropist promising to give away 99% of his fortune. He has
 pledged to give the Bill & Melanie Gates foundation about 10 million shares of his company, the first year's donation of 500,000 shares were about US$1.5 billion. The Foundation aims are to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty globally and to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology in the US. He auctioned a
'golden ticket' an all you can eat tour of his See's Candy factory in California ending
14th August 2013
The last time Jupiter,  was in this position was back in mid July 2001 right on until August 2002. Throw your memory back to that time, memory is a very Cancer activity and get in touch, another Cancer activity, with the main events of that time for you. 
Grandpa Wen' China's Ex Premier Wen Jiabao has Jupiter in Cancer
According to Wikileaks he was thinking about divorcing his wife because he was 'disgusted' by her using his name to get huge huge diamond trade commissions. His
 mother owns investments in Insurance worth $120 million and the New York Times has shown his relatives accruing financial assets worth at least US$2.7 billion and a family empire during his time as China's Leader, building Olympic stadiums including the 'Birds Nest'. 
Ironically Wen Jiabao had tried instate the 'Sunshine' law, which requires government officials to release their financial information to the public and address corruption being seen as a cultural imperative.
('计划生育好处 Family Planning Has Many Advantages')
The point of the exercise is to try to get a feel, very Cancer again, so get a feel for the main threads and issues and remember the rewards and lessons of that time in your life. This will help you to navigate your way with Jupiter during this current stay with the Crab for this coming year. 
'Father of the South African Nation' Nelson Mandela has Jupiter in Cancer
 Known as 'Madiba' (his family tribe name) he was admitted to hospital on the 8th June 2013 with a recurring lung infection that worsened and he spent his 95th birthday in hospital in critical condition. Looking back to the 25th July 2001, he was in hospital then being successfully treated for prostrate cancer.
For example, if you learnt to let go of what you believed to be a tight emotional bond back then, in order to attain greater freedom, it may well be that this year a similar, connecting theme may be activated. Release is a Jupiter keyword, you may find that you experience your own particular Jupiter in Cancer release, depending on where you are Cancer attuned in your personal birth chart. Jupiter E-X-P-A-N-D-S whatever it touches.
'Father of the Digital Revolution' Steve Jobs has Jupiter in Cancer
'Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me' 

Although Jobs earned only $1 a year as Apple CEO he had Apple shares worth $2.1 billion, shares in Disney, with acquisition of Pixar, worth $4.4 billion. His estimated wealth in 2010 was $8.3 billion. Looking back to Jupiter in Cancer in 2001 it seemed that Jobs had incurred taxable income of $20,000,000 that he did not report and that Apple overstated its earnings by that same amount. Jobs potentially faced a number of criminal charges and civil penalties. In 2013 US Senators are again investigating apparent further Apple tax evasions with Apple's apparent 'loop-holes' in tax with 'subsidiaries in Cork, Ireland, declaring huge profits but paying very little tax. Apple Operations International, a holding company there showed a $30 billion profit over 4 years but paid no tax as it is an unlimited company it does not have to file accounts. In 
July 2013 Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion for copying key aspects of the iPhone & iPad...
Feeling released and freed up from family, your past, family patterns, your roots or home  must be the most highlighted sensitive spot in the Jupiter in Cancer signature.
If Jupiter is passing through your 12th house, for example, your family may ‘disappear’ to the other side of the world and while this could be a positive, hopeful move for all concerned, there will also be a feeling of loss. If it passes through your 8th house then your family members could release a load of their possessions your way or family legacies may prove very beneficial.

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge has Jupiter in Cancer
The latest addition to the House of Windsor and third in line of succession to the throne
of 16 commonwealth nations.
Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's Son - Father & Sun in Cancer
On an impersonal, cultural level, Jupiter's entry into Cancer will therefore herald the notion of family, mothering, nurturing but also nation, citizenship and belonging and bring it all to the forefront, massively. Water will always be an issue for the Blue Planet.
'Father of Fracking' George Phydias Mitchell has Jupiter in Cancer
Billionaire oilman/philanthropist, born to a Greek goatherd in the US, died aged 94 on the 26th July 2013. Until Mitchell's breakthrough in the 1990's, it was deemed too expensive to collect gas from shale. After a couple of decades of trial and error, Mitchell discovered that sand, water and chemicals blasted into rock formations at high pressure, hydraulic fracturing, also known as 'fracking', could free the trapped gas which could then be collected and storedEnvironmentalists are concerned that 'fracking' will pollute groundwater and cause unknown long term environmental problems.
Wherever we go we will be confronted at some level with messages about these Cancer issues. Go with it, sense your way through, float on the tidal wave of emotions washing over you, don’t fight it. We are ‘supposed’ to be feeling things very deeply for this next year, we are ‘supposed’ to expand our ideas of families, home, and our imaginations. Jupiter reaches out to our souls, it wants to touch the soul's boundaries to see where it actually lies.
 Astrologer Reverend Pamela Crane has Jupiter in Cancer
Author of Draconic Astrology, an ancient system using the Moon's true nodes create a chart that informs, indicates soul purpose and higher principles that we can aspire to working in conjunction with our birth chart
Whilst in Cancer we would be wise to listen to our soulful urgings to nurture, sooth and care, even if the care is for ourselves. We should listen to the Moon,the various phases of the Moon and our own Moon styles and needs. 

'Father of Modern Yoga' B.K.S. Iyengar has Jupiter in Cancer

Credited with making 15th century Hatha yoga accessible to the West he does not like the 'brand' Iyengar yoga,  associated with the use of blocks, bolsters and straps and shunned by the purists, insisting that he has just made his own contribution to this ancient soulful tradition. 
There is a strange and uplifting journey for all of us who trust to let go and begin. Calling all Cancerians! This is our time, these are our people, we come to you…welcome us with open arms and lets all expand and grow with our loved ones but also in our own ways. Set sail and soar with the tides and surf the stars.
Singer/Songwriter/Producer frontman of the Family Stone Sly Stone has Jupiter in Cancer
Always with family members in band,  in the past he signed over royalties to pay for past drug habits, in June 2013 still facing, IRS and management & record company claims. His financial problems forced him to live in a camper that he parks in the street but still records music a laptop. Back in 2001 he was awarded the R&B Foundation Pioneer Award.'I like my small camper, I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving.'
credits: the Economist & the guardian & chinadaily & new york times

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