Thursday 29 August 2013

Venus in Leo - Ra Ra Ra Wonders, Miracles & Fallen Angels

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso has Venus in Leo
One of the readers of I Had A Dream Revisited 50th anniversary 28th August 1963
The current High Lama of the yellow hat school of Tibetan Buddism and Tibet's spiritual leader in exile. Escaping to India in 1959, he denounced the People's Republic of China and establishing a Tibetan government in exile. He travels the world for the welfare of the Tibetan nation, underlining the importance of compassion as the source of a happy life. However, world leaders and various institutions face pressure from a economically burgeoning China not to accept or recognise him as he continues to voice an opinion on contentious subjects for China and for repressive regimes in the World, including women's rights, the environment, and sexuality. It has been reported on the 13th August 2013 that the Chinese language website of the Tibetan government in exile was hacked and infected and software used to spy on visitors.
Dalai Lama's Chinese website hacked
From the 27th June 2013 until the 22nd July 2013 Venus was playing around to her hearts content in the sunny, vain-and-glorious Leo the Lion sign. This sign will want to
Ra and Roar itself around the cosmos at the drop of a hat. Ra being the Egyptian Sun god usually depicted with a massive solar disc atop his head mimicking a head-turning hairstyle in a most flamboyant display.
Artist Andy Warhol has Venus in Leo
Born Andrej Varchola into a family that practiced Byzantine Slavic Catholicism. He was deeply religious throughout his life apparently, lighting a candle, and praying for 15 minutes everyday. He also had an alter, crucifix and prayer book on his bedside table and used to volunteer at a shelter serving meals to the homeless.Warhol was also openly gay which is unacceptable to the church unless one is celibate, apparently.
Venus likes to indulge, feed the body, anoint it, make it look, smell and feel ‘ohh la la’ that is what she is about.Venus Come Out Of Your Shell  There are so many things Venus just loves, such as beauty in all it's forms, an appreciation of the finer things in life, like art, culture and social bonds. Relationships are a Venus speciality but money and fairness also part of the desires of Venus. A run through your own list will give you a clue on just how fundamental and central Venus is in our daily life. Love and Money are the two things we all want sorted and in place in order to feel they have got a good handle on life. You can deny one but it is unusual to deny both, at least not intentionally. So what was has it been like with the Lion running the ‘Love ‘n Money Show’? Perhaps we all had to dip deep into our reserves of benevolence and patronage.
Abbé Pierre has Venus in Leo
Born Henri Marie Joseph Grouès he was a French Catholic priest who a member of the  French Resistance during World War 2 and praised as a living legend. He also founded the Emmaus movement that helps the poor, the homeless and refugees. 
We would have demonstrated affection and desires in a very open hearted way but really, as a rule of thumb or just take the whole issue of hairstyles very seriously indeed ha! Venus here in this flamboyant, irrepressible and emotionally buoyant sign will have relatively few issues with displaying itself in its own inimitable way, regardless of the audience response. Regardless only because actually it somehow knows there is a very high chance of the reception will be positive or then maybe not. 
Singer/Actress/Diva Madonna has Venus in Leo
Everything including her name has involved religious iconography, including a cross on stage.
Those who view Venus in Leo with a negative eye are, well frankly, wrong and can be easily dismissed with a flick of the fringe or a rear swaying sashay. Venus in Leo time was all about the warmth, affection, lavish demonstrations, generosity, well so those with Venus in Leo may have told you. Actually these traits will apply whether to those born with this natally, or at any time Venus in Leo sashays on through. 
Singer/Dancer/X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole has Venus in Leo
Her tattooist displayed his work on her bottom in Instagram 2013 in the tattoo parlour temple.
If you wanted to attract, it would have been in your best interest to have been aware that during this time flattery WILL get you everywhere, don’t hold back by the way. Personal charisma, our physical appearance and how we show ourselves will get a boost of juice during these few Venus in Leo weeks as these issues would have risen up the notches. Venus in Leo is excellent for cheerleaders.
Actress Pamela Anderson has Venus in Leo
Famously discovered at a football game, when her face showed up on big screen she is a 
vegetarian endorsing PETA who ask us to consider the impact our actions have on animals
We would all have had a month where our relationships may have got a bit more dramatic or melodramatic depending on your bias, and Venus in Leo comes from a very deep bias which basically is: This is beautiful world lets get out and play in it to our hearts content. Self-indulgent, big-hearted and eye-wateringly charismatic, Leo is not one of those signs which says ‘Moi, non!’, therefore when Venus the Goddess of gorgeousness comes to visit this is quite a combo and can be a tour de force!
Mother Theresa of Calcutta has Venus in Leo
Born Agnes Gonxha in Albania, she spent most of her life in the Indian city of Calcutta caring for the sick and poor, especially children and founding the Missionaries of Charity. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and beatified by the Vatican only just one miracle away from sainthood. In 2013 doctors Serge Larivie and Genevieve Chenard, in the journal Studies in Religion/Sciences have criticised her reputation finding her ways 'rather dubious' and that her 'way of caring for the sick, her questionable political contacts, her suspicious management of the enormous sums of money she received, and her overly dogmatic views regarding, in particular, abortion, contraception, and divorce.' Dr Larivie has gone so far as to say
 'Given the parsimonious management of Mother Teresa's works, one may ask where the millions of dollars for the poorest of the poor have gone?'
Before we get too carried away with Venus in Leo it may also be the case that we all may have been much more pompous, vain and dominating and our egos hurt too easily if we did not receive our rightful worship. 
Key to understanding what is going on for us is to look at where in ourselves we are ‘Leo-attuned’, we all have degrees in our birth chart which looks out for any Leo vibration. Where is your personal Leo antenna? It will be good to look at how smoothly do the matters connected to your Leo house and/or planets run? Are they functioning as well as they could, or is there room for improvement?

Scientist Franz Halberg has Venus in Leo
He first used the term 'cicadian' describing the cicadian clock, a 
biochemical mechanism that drives adaptations to solar & lunar rhythms over 24 hour periods creating cicadian rhythms the optimum feel good. 
If you have Leo spanning the 5th zone of Romance & Creativity, you may find your ‘fun time’ gots a perk as what you do for the sheer love of it deepens and may go to another deeper level. The Guru Purnima गुरु पूर्णिमा is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists to give thanks to spiritual and academic teachers. This year it was the 22nd August 2013.
Musician Andy Desmond known as Miten has Venus in Leo 
He performs with musical/ life partner singer Deva Premal after meeting at controversial guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's (known as Osho), ashram in Pune, India when he was 48 and she was 20. They have gone on to become the 'Johnny & June Cash' of sacred music and are highly respected in the spiritual and yoga world for Premal's chantings of Indian Sanskrit mantras and Desmond's musical arrangements. 21 day mantra meditation
French Diet Guru Dr Pierre Dukan has Venus in Leo
Accounting for the best-selling success of his diet book in the UK he acknowledges 'It works and Carole Middleton' after she began the diet the engagement of her daughter Kate Middleton to Prince William was announced and her other daughter, Pippa Middleton also Venus in Leo, swayed her bottom into the press. Dukan was rich and famous.
Is your own Venus is in Leo, was this a time for you to welcome in new arrivals in the form of people or coins? Was this your time to have that ‘Wow factor’ and work it?
If you are a Sun sign Leo then this stuff was easy, right? Well to a point, even a bright shiny leader and ruler needs some down time to re-position the crown, work the hairspray and put in some curlers or gel for that extra bounce other Sun sign may just bounce at the wrong time.
Actor Tom Cruise has Venus in Leo
Looking back on the time that Venus was in Leo we may have had a glimpse of what life is like being so public, noticed and ‘on display’, we may have enjoyed much of it but then realized that actually there is a time and place for some hidden away, quiet me time, just to get things straight, which brings us right into Venus in Virgo which is where Venus has made her next move. With true Venus in Leo style demonstrated by actor Daniel Radcliffe, Venus in Leo as Harry Potter, when we are looking for the wonders we will often also have to battle our own Dementors.
UK Singer/Songwriter James Blake has Venus in Leo
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