Friday 20 July 2012

Aurora Tragedy

There has been a tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, U.S.A. at the early morning screening of 'Batman Dark Knight Rises' with 12 reported people killed and over 50 people injured, 11 of whom are still in a critical condition.
               Here is the chart for the opening of the movie: obviously exact timing after that is difficult, but it does seem that minutes into the movie the real life tragedy began.

This all may change of course, as more information is released. These are potentially turbulent times, outlined by the Uranus/Pluto square  and it's tie in with Mars, forming an opposition to Uranus - The Sky Summit of Cardinals. Mars's symbolism, in its most negative form in this instance, involves guns, men, wounding, violence and erupting anger. Uranus is explosive, sudden and impersonal.
Neptune, associated with movies, disguises and masks is in it's own sign of Pisces which again relates to film, camouflage, engulfment, gases, redemption, saviour/victim motifs, is caught 'in the bends', an ancient astrological term, where a planet is squaring the Nodal Axis within one degree. This planet then gets drawn into a high prominence. It stands out.
Mercury (thought processes) is currently Retrograde and on this day of tragedy a horrific example of thought process going completely astray.
At time of writing news reports are saying the police had a suspect in custody, James Eagan Holmes.

Here is James Eagan Holmes birth chart, December 13 1987 - 21.04 (9.04pm) Two stand out aspects are the Mars conjunction with Pluto, and Sun conjunction with Saturn.

Our thoughts go out to all the families dealing with this tragedy and all the emergency and public services trying to help them.
credits: 9 news & Astrodienst & NBC news & astrodatabank
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs


  1. Sadly Pippa, what also jumped out at me with that chart is the quincunx between jup and pluto, which would often assit to rise above the depths of darkness that is pluto in its confronting and healing of the darkside, as not only is jup in gem so that being of the 2 minds but also 12th house, enabling insanity/delusion to be strong. So very very sad. My healing thoughts and love to all involved.

    1. abluelily - thank you for your thoughts, I know it is still a very raw and sensitive issue and will continue to be for a long time. As we try to grapple with understanding what went on hopefully more information will aid that process.
      The quincunx between jup and pluto, as you point out, needs to be handled with care - overinflation and arrogance will bring out the worst in Pluto, and Pluto will come down hard and fast. Either way, as with any quincunx, (and this one can be very dark) adjustments have to be made. I liked what you said about the jup in gem being in 2 minds. This chart was for the emergency call centre 'meltdown' time, and approx the time when it was picked up by the media (hence the Gemini Asc). Later on in the day various other charts/times for the actual start of the shooting started to emerge and the last one I saw gave 12.30 am and Tau Asc, Cap Mc which places Jup in 2nd so very entrenched and Pluto in the 9th - the law. I also believe there is a speculative birth date for the shooter which will hold some clues.
      All very sad, like you I send my healing thoughts and love to all involved. Thank you.