Tuesday 31 July 2012

India Powerless

On July 30th 2012, Northern and Eastern India suffered a massive power cut which left much of the country without electricity. This resulted in Asia's third largest economy, losing a basic amenity with three grids failing and was consequently forced to buy power from a neighbour Bhutan. 
Again, on July 31st 2012 there was a second outage. Seven states were originally effected but now this has spread to the northeast and eastern states. Over 600 million people are affected, approximately half the population. The blighted area is far reaching going from near China in Assam to the Himalayas and spreading down towards Rajasthan.
The Metro in the nations capital New Dehli was shut down leaving travellers stranded. India's transport networks are severely disrupted by one of the country's worse blackouts. Hospitals were plunged into darkness and about 200 coal miners were also left trapped in three coal mines in the Burwan district, north west of Kolkata because lifts were not working.
Looking at India's birth chart using the date of India's Independence, (15 Aug 1947), Neptune is lying at 8 degrees Libra - right in the path of yesterdays Moon in mid degrees of Capricorn. This Moon got involved with the Uranus vs Pluto tussle (Pluto is 7 degrees Capricorn and Uranus 8 degree Aries).
Simply put this equals:
Power = Pluto, Electricity = Uranus, Moon = the people, and Neptune = Loss.

This was not the only planetary activity powerful though it is. Enter the trickster Mercury Retrograde, which was at 4 degrees of Leo. India's Mercury is also in Leo, at 6 degrees, which means that Mercury Rx is conjunct and hand in hand with India's Mercury. 
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Mercury is about travellers, transportation, communications and connecting networks. Going backwards it can blow fuses, throw synapses, turn things on which should be off and turn off what should be on, basically it can create havoc....and sadly it looks as if it has done exactly that.
credits: reuters & washington post
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