Wednesday 1 August 2012

Olympic Stars Series 1 - Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte

 A focus on rising, descending, past and shooting stars of this XXX Olympiad. 

Let's dive straight into the water to start (well I am Cancerian) and look at a couple of U.S swimming stars:

Michael Fred Phelps II, born 30th June 1985 (time unknown), Maryland USA. 
Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), swimming provided a postitive outlet for his excess energy. At age 15 he broke the World Record for the 200m Butterfly. He has since gone on to win a succession of accolades including numerous world records. 
On 28th July 2012, however, in the 400m individual medley in London he uncharacteristically came in 4th place, the first time he failed to get a medal in any Olympic event in 12 years. 
The race was won by his fellow American team mate Ryan Lochte. Not long after that though, Micheal Phelps won more medals, on 31st July 2012 became the most 'decorated' Olympian ever, gaining Silver in the 200m Butterfly and Gold in the 4x200 freestyle relay. He has won 22 Olympic Medals, including 18 Gold's becoming the all time record holder of Olympic medals.
Here is the untimed Birth Chart for Micheal Phelps:
Without a birth time we will have to concentrate on a few planetary aspects:
Natal Mercury square Pluto: Mercury gives us clues on how we process information, what bits of information we choose to gather and what we do with it. It is how we think, learn and communicate. Michael does this in a Leo way, super confidently, super subjectively and super passionately. He may also have a tendency for arrogance and over dramatization. 
This Leo passionate mind is deepened and darkened by the aspect to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Pluto loves the depths and grapples with the soul to take it to the places it would often rather not pass through. Here Pluto takes a hold of Michael’s mind and won't let go, ‘investigate the darkness, look at the hard stuff’ it whispers. People with this aspect work with all the stimulation and information the world offers and form a very dark and disturbing picture at times, they feel safer looking at the face of the deep, it makes it less scary. They probe, they investigate, they ask difficult questions.
Natal Mercury inconjunt Neptune: This Mercury is also being pinched by Neptune, Lord of the Waters. Inconjunct’s are uncomfortable, they don’t feel easy because they require us adjust, twist, shift and then finally let go and spit out the thorn. People with this aspect feel the swirling Neptunian fog on how they process, it confuses and blows smoke rings to throw the mind into thinking more universally, more compassionately than their natural inclination. Mercury in Leo left to its own devises will think about itself, but the Neptune continually urges to consider other's points of view and perspective.
Mars inconjunt Uranus: Mars the energy which drives us forward, motoring our working and competitive energy, is being pinched by Uranus a planet full of surprises, randomness and unpredictability. I suspect his A.D.H.D is a manifestation of this pairing. Inconjuncts, as said above are seldom comfortable, they spike and urge to shift our position. People with this aspect in their psyches will have to learn how to cope with huge surges of energy which may be awkward and supercharged. Life may get easier if they can channel it into a single focus, which they can release out into their own unique contribution.
Natal Sun opposition Neptune: His Sun is in the water sign of Cancer and is staring directly into the face of Neptune, Lord of the Waters. This can be a difficult energy to get to grips with, but it seems that Michael plunges literally into the water, which seems to appease these ‘Gods’. Neptune is linked to drug use both prescribed and recreational, and Michael has been linked to both, one with allegations of performance enhancing which was false, and drink driving and pictured with smoking paraphernalia indicating marijuana usage. 
He is actively involved with ‘Project Believe’ where U.S Olympians volunteer to put themselves up for dope testing. People with this aspect can be sucked into deep and swirling waters which can draw them into a vortex of loss and confusion, but used productively provides a high level of creative or spiritual development.
One the day Michael lost out on the gold medal, his Sun at 8 degrees Cancer was being extremely stressed by the Cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto, a hard and diffult energy for everyone. Since his Sun is opposite Neptune it is fitting that the scene took place in the swimming pool.

Ryan Lochte: born 3rd August 1984 in New York, USA (time unknown). 

Known as a trickster with a mischievous nature his father who taught him in swimming classes said “ I would send him to go shower when he was messing around. He spent more time in the showers than he did in the pool”. 

Here is the untimed Birth Chart of Ryan Lochte:

I will concentrate on one key aspect in Ryan’s chart, a T-square between Mercury (the trickster), Uranus (the strange, random and unpredictable) and Chiron (wounds). 

This T-square is composed of Mercury square Uranus: This will not only give a hefty dose of unpredictability to Ryan’s thought processes, he will surprise, delight and annoy to varing levels with the things he says and does. His Mercury in Virgo is constantly being challenged by Uranus in Sagittarius which is difficult to contain and nigh on impossible to tame at the best of times. He is quoted as saying 'I'm a coach's nightmare'.

He is known as the 'Lochtenator', has worn flowery Speedos to training sessions, modelled for Vogue and has a HUGE shoe collection of weird and wonderful designs that he wears to the poolside before he competes. 'I'm always the one to be different'.
'Hermes Heels'
People with this aspect have lightening flashes of brilliance, random thoughts and a directness and abruptness that can jar and jolt. Mercury affects the motor coordination and Uranus is jerky and disruptive energy. Due to a family member suffering with muscular dystrophy Lochte is swimming in the London Olympics to raise money and awareness for a Muscular Dystrophy charity.
On the day Ryan won his gold medal, this Uranus was being opposed by transiting Jupiter the planet of Luck. In predictive astrology the combination of Jupiter and Uranus is considered fortunate, offering relief and release. 
Despite their rivalry Phelps and Lochte are team mates and fly the flag but nothing fuels Olympic events more than a genuine battle maybe this one will have more twists and turn and and more unexpected outcomes.
Let the Games continue.........
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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