Thursday 2 August 2012

Aquarius Full Moon - Relax In The Full Moonshine

The 2nd August, 2012, Full Moon, sometimes called the Full Red Moon, takes place in the Air sign of Aquarius a temporary chill out area. This is one of two Full Moons this month the second one will be one of those 'rare' Blue Moons. Last time two Full Moons in August appeared was in 2008. Some Native American tribes called this one 'the Sturgeon Moon' as that fish was known to be plentiful in the Great Lakes at this time. It has also been known as 'the Green Corn Moon' or 'the Grain Moon' All good 'wholesome' symbols of 'fullness' and abundance.
According to the Farmer's Almanac this is the best day to 'retard growth' so good for cutting hair and diet to lose some weight. Perhaps we all don't need to slaughter animals and put in fence posts but we can mow the lawn, at least. 
2012 London Olympics
These few days are time to take stock and review our gains with regard to our goals and hopes. Think back to the last New Moon a few weeks ago and see what you may have started, put in action and initiated then because now is ‘harvest time’.The fruit you pick up off the ground is as result of the energy you invested around about the 19th July 2012. That New Moon was in Cancer so naturally it has been a very emotionally stressful month for most people, the astrological activity has clearly shown that and experience has largely proved it. 
From now until the next new moon in Leo in a couple of weeks time, Mercury will also have shifted its motion from backwards to forwards so things should start to settle down a little. Our lunar vision over these next few days is directed towards our place in our society, teams, friendship groups or the collective. 
We may get our rewards from these places, and if we feel short-changed then this is a wonderful chance to honestly examine the reasons and work towards making adjustments.
In these periods does Solar Consciousness lose its grip or do we just have to strike a balance and blend it. The Sun in Leo is all about Me, the self and I, the Moon in Aquarius recognises our need to be a social beings, the collective but also the need to stand out, to differentiate and be unique.
This moon is making some very pleasant and inspiring angles to other planets, a trine to congenial Jupiter in Gemini and a sextile to Uranus, so we can all expect some relief, hope and feeling of uplift. It has been tough recently but we may have something to celebrate. Check out your chart and see where 10 degrees of Aquarius/Leo lies for some clues as to where or from what direction the celebrations can come. If it activates your 2nd/8th be on the lookout for a financial windfall especially if a few weeks ago on the New Moon you set in motion something connected to investments, shared finances, taxes or insurance, you may just get a dividend.
In London where the Olympics are taking place the Full Moon chart shows the Sun Moon opposition spanning the 11th house of groups, affiliations and teams, and the 5th house of sports and performance. I think it is fairly safe to say celebrations with regards to sporting performance are on the cards…..we may see some 'giant' leaps....
We need to use this Full Moon to take time out in our modern hectic ways of life to try set in place a more relaxed style. In China since the 6th century Taoism suggests 'effortless action' a more natural way of being

'We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel;
But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the wheel depends.
We turn clay to make a vessel;
But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends.
We pierce doors and windows to make a house;
And it is on these spaces where there is nothing that the usefulness of the house depends.
Therefore just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognize the usefulness of what is not'.

Sound therapists and a Manchester band Marconi Union have developed the most relaxing tune ever, they say, called Weightless. In this piece of music brainwaves and heart rate synchronise with a 60 BPM rhythm and takes the listener into a deep state of calm with the result of reducing blood pressure, slowing down the heart rate and reducing the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. This is so good that it is meant to slow down breathing and may even induce sleep so we cannot drive whilst listening to it. 
OK then let's try it...repeat dose when needed. For best results listen when wearing headphones. Press play.......

credits: sussex innovation centre - weightless
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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