Wednesday 8 August 2012

Mercury In Leo Directs - Shake Out Our Mane-frames

On August 8th 2012 Mercury in Leo moves direct. Mercury retrograde cycle has gone through its shadow period Mercury Shadowlands In a HeatHaze it has finished its Retrograde motion for this time, see Scribble & Moonwalks. It has also gone through a stationary phase, in reality, this can feel like starting a journey but the train coming into a 'station' having built up a head of steam and a lot of pressure, it appears to stop. We can hesitantly get off, stretch our legs, empty out our rubbish, get a sense of where we are but also being constantly aware of the train's imminent departure, not really relaxing but more tension. 

Mercury has another go at retrograding in November for a couple of weeks when it moves from Sagittarius to Scorpio but for now we can begin to ‘un-scrabble’ our brains, feel a little more confident about signing contracts, say what we mean and have more faith in our hardware and instrumentation actually working.
Team GB 'Infinity Room' BP installation
This retrograde being in Leo, would have many of us struggling with identity, mix-ups with our names and numbers, mobiles or blogs. It seemed that whatever our name was attached to, was vulnerable to being scrabbled, messed up or sometimes completly wiped out. 
All very exhausting to try and get under control or unravel. Astrologers who should ‘know better’ due to their heads-up on this event were caught on the hop and found themselves growling “aghhh another Mercury Rx gremlin crept into the works”, and it wasn’t just me, ha!
Now, finally, maybe we can sort out our heads a little, we can shake out our manes, get our plans sorted out and look directly forward. The path before us is opening up and we may even see the horizon. Mercury in Leo may even get a bit more 'fired up' before the 'flame' is finally extinguished. 
Mercury is confidently striding forward and is in the imperious sign of Leo ( Mercury In Leo - Postcards From A Passionate Mind ) until the beginning of September. 
In mid August this Mercury will get an easy flowing boost from Uranus, Planet of Surprise, Genius and Originality so our thoughts and communication processes will get a surge of this illuminating and electrifying energy - perhaps producing some beautiful, original ways of thinking.
(Stephen Wiltshire 'the living camera' 21st April 1974 has savant syndrome but also shows his talent with his Uranus-Mercury connection in the form of an opposition)
credits: apple & the independant & hannes lochner
posted by pippa ponton & jphibbs

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