Friday 14 September 2012

Glimmers Of Perfect Light - New Moon in Virgo

On 16th September 2012 the Moon moves out of it’s dark Balsamic phase. In the week or so before this date we may have looked like we were going with the flow, tying up loose ends, allowing things to drift along where they will, letting go of what needed to be released. We may have said ‘goodbye’ and/or said hello to what we thought was lost but is now re-found. Before the New Moon there is a general sense of resting and of waiting, sometimes past and future may dovetail in the half-light shadows.
Writer Martin Amis Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo
Waiting in the wings for its cue is a mere trace of iridescence and a glimmer of light - the New Moon. The Sun is in Virgo (Sun in Virgo - Diamonds In The Details) and this month the New Moon occurs at 23 degrees of Virgo, this position falls a couple of degrees shy of the Fixed Star Denebola, which lists ‘impulse’ and ‘regrets’ and ‘misfortunes through national forces’ as its likely possibilities. 
Director William Friedkin Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo
(from The French Connection)
Taken by itself it may pass by unnoticed but this New Moon is not just ‘by itself’ for there are some other critical planetary bed-fellows pulling at the covers and making a nuisance of themselves. Most notably, the brooding ‘I’ve got a score to settle’ square that is going on between Uranus and Pluto (Uranus vs Pluto) After Pluto goes direct on the 17th September, they will come face to face on the 19th September 2012, just a few days after the New Moon. 
New Moons light up and ignite, they start stuff off and they sow the seeds. Often this is done in unseen and invisible ways, after all, the light from the Moon is still just a sliver and it is hiding more than it is showing.
Actor Alexander Skarsgard Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo
New Moons are those times when there is often a spark of novelty or freshness, as we appear to sigh and start again or begin new projects or embark on new undertakings. It is a time to stick our toes in the water, a trial, a moment of testing out before commitment. Our hope and optimism may get a surge and we feel a ‘well why not’ attitude welling up inside us again. We may also notice this mood in other people's behaviour. 
The few days around the New Moon is excellent for trying out new things, whether experimenting with new styles, trying new tastes or generating ideas. Generally, this is a time for experimentation and play. 
Designer Philippe Starck Moon in Virgo

Activating the earthy sign of Virgo, this New Moon means much of this testing  could take place with regard to practical matters and we may be drawn especially to those which actually aid us and help others in small but important ways. We can use this energy in our favour by getting ‘our stuff sorted’, clearing the decks and shaking our feather dusters over our workspaces and being domestic angels.
Singer Cass Elliot Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo
Mercury is also in Virgo (Mercury in Virgo - Postcards From A Discerning Mind) to encourage the orderly natured thinking along the right lines. Chances are that the increase in activity which will occur in the weeks to come will mean we will have little time to spare but we will also have to concentrate on the meaningful details of our daily lives. 
Actress Michelle Williams Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo
The things that oil our world and keep us functioning well, such as our diet, maintaining a regular exercise routine and simply knowing where we last put our keys, will concern and matter to the Virgo in our charts. Virgo is making its presence felt in all sorts of ways at the moment so... best make a plan.. let's clean up a little, lets organise now, set-up a clear schedule or set up plan A, B & C and try to limit any future tears of frustration. 
Controversial Cartoonist Robert Crumb Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo
'It was tedious labour so I worked fast to get it over with'
There is plenty out there that we cannot effect directly but that effects us both directly and indirectly, however at least we can try to address the small stuff we can control in our daily life.
singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega Moon in Virgo
credits: alfred a knopf & doubleday & philippe starck
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